The day of the wedding has come, and Mama is under a lot of stress trying to clean the house for the ceremony. She gives Vint her late-husband's sapphire ring and tells him to not let Eunice know because she wants it. When Eunice does arrive, Mama tells her she won't have a solo. But Eunice goes ahead and asks Naomi, who tells her to go ahead. Eunice is helping Naomi get ready, when Naomi reveals Vint was given the sapphire ring. Eunice becomes angry and gets drunk. When the time for her solo comes, she acts up and starts attacking the family. Soon a fight breaks out, but it is resolved when Ed takes Eunice home. When the wedding is over, Mama and Fran are sitting in the living room, enjoying having the whole house back. Then Vint and Naomi return and reveal they have to move back in because the Arizona thing was a scam and they lost all their money.