Naomi's ex-husband comes to town with the goal of winning Naomi back. After visiting her at Food Circus, he comes to the Harper house, with gifts for the family. Leonard tells her when he is going to be leaving and to meet him at the Jigger tomorrow. As Naomi is debating whether to go, Mama is demanding she takes the perm she gave her out. The next morning, Naomi talks to Fran about the dilemma, and Fran gives her advice. Mama comes in with frizzy hair and demands her hair be fixed. Naomi tells her what to do before talking to Vint about Leonard. Vint believes Leonard has returned to make up for the bad way he treated her, and Naomi realizes what she'll do. She heads to the Jigger, followed by Fran, Mama, and Vint. As she is fixing Mama's perm with curlers and beer, Naomi tells Leonard that she won't go with him. After hearing that, Leonard leaves.