Season 6: 1989-1990Edit

20 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
111 September 18, 1989 601 Mama's Medicine Show When Vint and Naomi decide that they need money quickly for the impending baby, they decide to go into business selling..."something." When Bubba comes down with a cold and needs to be cured quickly for an impending swim-meet, Mama gives him a special concoction that her grandmother used to give the hogs on the farm. The concoction is said to cure all ills. Naomi decides that they would sell the concoction.

Meanwhile, the CLL (the "Church Ladies League") is voting on "Church Lady of the Year", which Mama intends to win. The only person to win is the woman that gives the most to the church, so Mama decides to sell the concoction to the Church Ladies and give the profits to the church. She then takes on the role of the "snake oil salesman", complete with accomplice in the audience (Iola).

Bubba's swim-meet turns out terrible; the folks they sold the concoction to begin complaining; and the reason is Mama's secret ingredient: A massive amount of vanilla which is "35% alcohol". When Bubba, Vint, and Naomi try to warn Mama, the Church Ladies were doing the conga and Mama was getting along with the CLL president. They inform her of the "secret ingredient", and they all go home to nurse their respective hangovers.

112 September 25, 1989 602 An Affair to Forget Mama suspects that Vint is having an affair with his co-worker Heather, and tries to hide it from Naomi.
113 October 2, 1989 603 Mr. Wrong Iola finally dates a man named Burt, at first he seems to be everything she dreamed of but in the end he is not what she is looking for.
114 October 9, 1989 604 Now Hear This The Harpers install an intercom system , but it leads to trouble when people evesdrop on other conversations.
115 October 16, 1989 605 Tri-State's Most Wanted Vint and Naomi want the reward money to find a most wanted person and don't get it. Mama thinks she has a Tri- State- Most-Wanted but he is just an actor that she never heard of.
116 October 23, 1989 107 Mama Fights Back When a store doesn't take back a broken item they sold to mama, mama calls a radio station that tries to help customers, when the radio host can't help mama, mama gives him a piece of her mind, because of this mama ends up being the new radio host.
117 October 30, 1989 106 A Blast From the Past Mama gets an invit to her 50th Jr. High School Reunion.
118 November 7, 1989 108 Psycho Pheno-Mama Naomi and Vinton hire a Fortune teller named Madame Rita to predict their futures, later Mama reveals that Madame Rita is a big phony.
119 November 13, 1989 109 Take My Mama, Please Mama ends up doing an open mike night at the Bigger Jigger and embarrasses her friends and family.
120 November 27, 1989 110 Mama Takes Stock Quick Keys is being taken over by a big company named Burnese and is changing into a yogurt shop, which means Vinton will loose his job. Mama finds a stock that belong to the company and will try to save Vinton's career.
121 December 4, 1989 111 Bubba's House Band Mama, Vint, Naomi and Iola are preparing for the Church Carnival and Bubba is trying to find a rock band for his school and brings home an all girl rock band named the Bonecrushers, later on the Bonecrushers help Mama at the carnival.
122 December 18, 1989 112 War of the Roses Mama and Iola get in a fight over which rose will win in a rose competition.
123 January 3, 1990 113 Mama Takes a Dive Mama needs a new heater and goes to the bank for a loan. They turn her down and on the way out she slips on a roll of coins that a little boy was playing with. Her back is hurt.

Vint, Naomi and Bubba convince her to sue and they call Sam Small, a sleazy lawyer they've seen on TV. He tells Mama to sue for 3.2 million, after determining she's more hurt than she realizes. Mama ends up in a neckbrace and arm sling.

The bank sends an investigator to confirm Mama's injuries are real. Vint buys Mama a walker and Iola comes over to visit. Vint, Naomi and Bubba get Mama to walk a few steps for the investigator, when Iola walks in. She calls Thelma "Mother" as she tries to get her to sit down, which upsets Mama. Wanting everyone to know she's not really hurt, she starts dancing and blows the whole scam. The bank offers her $5,000 anyway, which the lawyer takes for his trouble.

124 January 10, 1990 114 Mama Gets Goosed It's almost Christmas and the harpers are going have an old fashioned Christmas, including a live main course, a goose named leland that they get a little too attached to.
125 January 17, 1990 115 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner It's almost Mothers Day and Vinton wins two tickets to a fancy restaurant, Mama and Naomi both want to go and Vinton must choose who does.
126 February 1, 1990 116 The Big Nap Mama watches a lot of detective shows on TV and later falls asleep and has a dream where she is a detective.
127 February 8, 1990 117 Pinup Mama Mama and Iola are trying to figure out ways to get more men to come to the senior singles mixer, and Naomi mentions making a flyer to do a little advertising. Mama and Iola think that's a great idea and go about making the flyer.

Meanwhile, Bubba is taking pictures for his creative photography class, and Mama suggests he set up a shoot to take pictures of all of them. Iola explains why she is camera shy, (seems her father fell over Ray Falls trying to get Mother Boylen in a single picture and after her Mother saved him, she ended up winning the wet t-shirt contest at the lodge). Bubba gets everyone's pictures taken, including Melanie in a skimpy bathing suit.

Mama finally strikes upon the idea of putting her picture on the singles flyer. While Bubba has Mama's head super-imposed on Melanie's body and wants to have it blown up into a poster as a joke. They both send Vint to RayRrint to get them done and he gets them mixed up.

Mama and Iola discover Vint's screw-up after they arrive at the mixer and the women are upset about it. But the guys all wanna dance with Thelma, that is until she takes her coat off and reveals the picture isn't really her.

128 February 15, 1990 118 Look Who's Breathing Mama takes "Skeeter" to a class.
129 March 5, 1990 119 There is Nothing Like the Dames Thelma and Iola are planning a lunch in order to join a ladies society called the Dames. After much research and discussion, they decide to have a barbecue of Merv Griffin's chicken wings as published in Ladies' Circle. Meanwhile, Bubba announces that he's been given a part in the school the leading lady, and that all of the guys are getting women's roles. And at the same time, Vint and Naomi come back from house hunting with a rather ugly motorhome parked in Thelma's driveway. Although Thelma can't stand the sight of it, she calls that day the happiest day of her life when she learns that Vint and Naomi will be moving out of her house for good.

As the week progresses, Thelma and Iola are finalizing plans for their lunch, Vint and Naomi are cleaning up and moving into their new motorhome, and Bubba has Thelma iron a dress for him and is comparing necklaces.

On the day of the lunch, Vint and Naomi are behind on their departure because the motorhome isn't turning on. Suddenly, the Dames arrive and while they admire Thelma's flowers, Thelma has to order Vint and Naomi to stay inside the trailer. The three Dames introduce themselves, and Thelma casts Iola in the role of the waitress. Meanwhile, she tries to pass off the trailer as something that is being fixed for some poor neighbor, but this excuse is thwarted when Vint asks if he and Naomi can come out, and then play loud music, and then bounce the trailer up and down. Meanwhile, Thelma learns that the Dames have been fed Merv Griffin's chicken wings so much that they're about to take flight. This forces Thelma to redirect Iola back into the kitchen in order to hastily put frozen hamburger patties on the grill. But at that point, Bubba pulls into the driveway on his motorcycle wearing his dress, a necklace, and a pair of high heels, telling Thelma that he got all dressed up but he forgot his purse. This sends the Dames into an accusatory fancy, and Thelma yells them off. She then apologizes to Iola, and tells her to take the rest of the day off while she barbecues the chicken wings for the two of them. Vint and Naomi then report that the motor on their trailer won't start, but now that they've had a taste of freedom, they are going to live in the driveway.

130 March 12, 1990 120 Bye-Bye -- Baby! Naomi thinks it's time for the baby so she has it.

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