Season 5: 1988-1989Edit

25 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
86 September 23, 1988 501 Baby Talk After visiting an old friend in the hospital after giving birth, Naomi decides she wants a baby herself. Mama is against it and sets out to talk Vint and Naomi out of having a baby.
87 September 30, 1988 502 Ladies Choice After coming to the end of her reign as president of the Church Ladies League, Mama just can't let go of the power and decides to convince the rest of the CLL, with Iola's help, she deserves to be nominated for another term. Iola ends up being nominated as well and the two go up against each other in a heated debate.
88 October 7, 1988 503 Naomi's New Position Naomi is up for a promotion to assistant manager of Food Circus. Things turn sour when she finds out she'll have to sleep with her new boss to not only get the promotion, but also to just keep her checker's job. She enlists Mama and Iola to teach him a lesson.
89 October 21, 1988 504 The Really Loud Family Bubba decides to make a video for school all about his family. The only problem is the camera shorts out periodically and the end result makes the entire family look bad. Things worsen for a moment when the video is aired on public access TV.
90 October 28, 1988 505 Many Unhappy Returns Before Mama's birthday, Vint's boss wants him to hide his wife's anniversary present at the Harper's so she won't find it this year. Mama finds the gift and thinks the very expensive jewelry is her birthday present. Not wanting Vint to spend that much money on her, she and Iola take it back to the store and exchanges it for several small presents for the family.
91 November 4, 1988 506 Found Money A bank ATM accidentally gives Mama $800.
92 November 11, 1988 507 My Mama, Myself When Mama is going through some boxes to find items to give to the rummage sale, she comes across her mother's broach. When she's convinced by Naomi to get it appraised for insurance purposes, she starts to be haunted by the ghost of her dead mother.
93 November 18, 1988 508 Full House Vint is hosting the Poker Pals at the house in hopes of becoming a member. Mama, Iola, and Naomi are going to a play at the Pepper Pot Playhouse. When Mama finds out the play she wants to see isn't on until the next week, she decides to stay home. When two of the Poker Pals can't make it to the game, Bubba and Mama fill in for them and Mama shares some pretty interesting stories of Vint growing up.
94 December 2, 1988 509 Very Dirty Dancing Vint and Naomi invite the family to watch them compete in the dance competition at Rayland Ballroom. Mama meets up with an old friend there, Ramon, and the two decide to enter the competition themselves. The only problem is the dance they draw is dirty dancing!
95 December 16, 1988 510 Bedtime for Bubba Bubba has been up late studying with a friend. Mama finds out the friend is an attractive girl and after finding a bra in his bed, thinks they're not really studying after all.
96 December 23, 1988 511 What a Dump After the neighborhood is declared the new site of the city dump, Mama and the neighbors realize their homes will be destroyed. She can't bear to part with her house and decides to whatever she can to keep it from being demolished.
97 January 6, 1989 512 Mama Bell The family decide to get an answering machine since Mama keeps forgetting to write down their phone messages. Also, Vint and Naomi are hiding a dog she found wandering around at Food Circus from Mama. After eavesdropping on their conversations, Mama thinks the family is trying to put her in a home!
98 January 13, 1989 513 The Big Wheel Iola's chooses the week's winning lottery numbers and Mama convinces Iola to let her spin the big wheel at the TV station to win $1 million.
99 January 20, 1989 514 Mama's Layaway Plan Mama comes home from a family funeral where she and Aunt Effie were the only mourners. And the rest of the family is planning their strategy to beat the Huplanders in the Bowl-A-Thon. Mama doesn't want her own funeral to be without mourners, so she sets out to plan it.
100 January 27, 1989 515 My Phony Valentine After being teased by Naomi for not having a date for Valentine's Day, Iola confesses she did have a date, but cancelled to continue her Valentine's Day tradition of watching an old movie with Mama. Mama hears this and cancels the movie with Iola and invents a date for herself. After going through her address book and failing to find a date, she calls a local dating service.
101 February 10, 1989 516 More Power to You Mama's electric bill is $20 more expensive this month and she decides not to pay the bill to get back at them. Meanwhile, Vint and Naomi are getting ready for the Food Circus awards banquet and Bubba has rented a computer to do his report on Abraham Lincoln. After Mama refuses to pay the bill, her electricity is cut off. Vint and Naomi are forced to get ready in the dark and Bubba is forced to do his report on his grandfather's old typewriter.
102 February 17, 1989 517 Mama in One Mama is in charge of updating the church directory, but distractions from her family are keeping her from her work. Luckily for her, Vint and Naomi are going to a cabin for the weekend and Bubba will be at the frat house rushing. Finally, with some peace and quiet, Mama is able to finish the directory. But, she soon realizes that her house is just too quiet and lonely.
103 February 24, 1989 518 April Fools Every year, the family plays all the usual April Fool's jokes on Mama. But, this year, she finally gets even with her own joke.
104 March 2, 1989 519 There's No Place Like...No Place Bubba joins his college buddies to protest on the courthouse lawn about the homeless problem in Raytown. Vint and Naomi plan to go out to Route 5 to look at the new housing development and Mama and Iola plan to see a movie. Bubba accidentally puts Mama's wallet in his backpack, so Mama goes to courthouse before the movie and plans to meet Iola after at the theater. The police raid the protest and arrest everybody there. Bubba gets wind of it and leaves before the police arrive. Mama isn't so lucky.
105 March 16, 1989 520 Reading the Riot Act Mama and Iola complain about all the work Lolly Perdue, the new president of the CLL, is putting on them. When they begin discussing all of Lolly's missteps, they decide to call an emergency meeting of the CLL board. It's there they learn of Lolly's secret.
106 March 23, 1989 521 A Taxing Situation Mama receives a phone call from the IRS saying an agent will be visiting her in a few days. She is convinced she's being audited and with her family and Iola's help, schemes to show how charitable she really is...or really wants to be.
107 March 30, 1989 522 The Mama of Invention When Iola tells the family she's submitted one of her inventions to a dealer, Vint, Naomi and Bubba decide to submit an invention of their own.
108 April 13, 1989 523 Hate Thy Neighbor Bubba falls in love with the granddaughter of a hated neighbor of Mama's. The two get engaged and causes the house to be in an uproar.
109 April 20, 1989 524 Dependence Day Mama and Iola are planning a cruise on the Dixie Belle down the Ray River. Iola announces her mother is sick and she can no longer go on the cruise. Mama tells Iola her mother is faking and tells her to stand up for herself. Iola is then kicked out of her house and is forced to move in with the Harpers. Iola then takes over the house and turns it upside down.
110 April 27, 1989 525 Mama Makes Three Vint and Naomi come back from the fertility doctor and tell the family he's shooting blanks. Iola tells them about her sister-in-law who works for an adoption agency. They decide adoption is their only way to have a family. They undergo a series of interviews to see if they're fit to be parents and after are told they just have one more test and they'll be put at the top of the list. The only problem is they have to see the agency's psychologist to be evaluated and Mama has to be there as well.