Season 4: 1987-1988Edit

25 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
61 April 24, 1987 401 Zirconias Are a Girl's Best Friend Mama gets hooked on a TV shopping network.
62 May 1, 1987 402 Educating Mama Mama goes to Night School with Bubba.
63 May 15, 1987 403 A Room With No View The Harper house goes into chaos when Bubba and Vint & Naomi want to switch rooms.
64 May 22, 1987 404 The Key to the Crime Someone called the courteous crook, has been breaking into houses and stealing some valuables but then cleans the house and leaves, later on mama's house is struck by the courteous crook, mama calls a police officer and after the police officer talks to the family about what was stolen, the police officer accuses vint and thinks he is the courteous crook, then Mama and iola come to the rescue to save vint.
65 May 29, 1987 405 Gift Horse The Harpers want to get a VCR, they have a garage sale while iola's away and sell knick knacks including iola's handicrafts, iola unexpectedly comes back early, in a panic they put the money they earned in iola's tissue cozy, Iola then finds out and is insulted when she finds out the Harpers try to sell her homemade handicrafts at the garage sale and takes her handicrafts back including the tissue cozy, the harpers try to befriend iola again in order to get the money for the VCR back.
66 June 12, 1987 406 A Big Hand For Mama Mama becomes a giver after a near-death experience.
67 June 19, 1987 407 Teacher's Pet Mama realizes she has the hots for her night school teacher, Mr. Hanson.
68 June 26, 1987 408 Child's Play Mama has to watch the preacher's devil of a grandson while the grandparents visit the hospital. He infuriates everyone and makes life a living hell.
69 July 3, 1987 409 Flounder's Day Mama is excited to try out for the lead in the Founder's Day play.
70 August 7, 1987 410 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Naomi moves out when Vint spends their money on a fishing rod and not a bed as originally planned. Vint becomes very depressed without Naomi. When she moves back in, but refuses to have anything to do with Vint, dinnertime is turned upside down.
71 August 14, 1987 411 I Do, I Don't After attending a Harper family wedding, Bubba, Iola and Mama all fantasize about how different their lives would be if they were married.
72 September 11, 1987 412 Bed and Breakdown Mama decides to rent out her bedroom to travellers to the Tri-State Fair to afford a new stove. The room ends up being rented out by Mama, Naomi and Bubba to all different people.
73 September 18, 1987 413 Workman's Holiday An old homemade lunchbox of Vint's turns up. Mama decides to surprise Vint at work with it. When she goes behind the counter and Vint sees the lunchbox, he gets scared and hurts his finger on the keygrinder and faints when he sees his own blood. The whole family ends up waiting on Vint hand and foot.
74 September 25, 1987 414 Mama's Girls Mama joins a senior's tap class to get into shape and ends up teaching the class.
75 October 2, 1987 415 Mama Gets the Bird A talking bird Mama inherits from her Uncle Oscar tells her bars of gold are hidden somewhere in the house. This makes the whole family and Iola tear the house apart looking for the gold.
76 October 9, 1987 416 Mama Mania Didi Mason, one of Naomi's friends from high school, comes to town to compete in the Tri-State Wrestling Competition. Naomi volunteers to be Didi's partner in the ring after her regular partner slips in the shower. When Didi is accidentally knocked out by Mama in the ring, Mama jumps in to help Naomi.
77 October 16, 1987 417 A Friend Indeed Iola develops a new friendship with a lady from her cooking class. Mama gets a bit jealous after Iola and Arlene spend most of their time together.
78 October 23, 1987 418 Mama Sees Red Mama is convinced by the State Department to take in a Russian homemaker for a day who ends up being a cleaning whiz.
79 November 6, 1987 419 Pomp and Circumstance It's Mama and Bubba's graduation day, but Bubba wants to skip the ceremony because his parents don't want to be there.
80 November 13, 1987 420 The Sins of the Mother Bubba comes home drunk one night and the family recalls when his mother Eunice got drunk as a teenager and embarrassed herself and Mama at the Mother's Day banquet at the church.
81 November 20, 1987 421 Bubba's Double Date Bubba gets stood up by his prom date and Mama and Iola fix him up with Iola's niece Vernette. Unfortunately, they neglect to tell Bubba before his original date calls to say the date is back on.
82 December 4, 1987 422 Naomi's Identity Crisis After Mama hits Naomi in the head with the kitchen door, Naomi forgets what her life was before, but luckily she has Mama to tell her exactly how to behave. What Mama tells her though, is not exactly how Naomi was before.
83 December 11, 1987 423 Mama on Jeopardy! When Jeopardy! holds auditions at Raytown, Iola decides to audition for the show, so she can meet Alex Trebek. But when Thelma goes with her, the contestant coordinators were impressed with her knowledge of Shakespeare, that they chose her!

Thelma's on Jeopardy! playing against a snooty lady & a not too loose gentleman ("That is correct Alex!") who's the returning champion. Alex gets twitchy the way Thelma keeps disrupting the flow of the game. Into Double Jeopardy!, Thelma's in the deficit. When she answers correctly about James Watt (What's...what?), she got control & picked Comedy Teams for $1,000. After the two players missed the answer (The Stooge with the curly hair), Thelma rings in & answers the question correctly (Who is Larry?) & gets out of a deficit to have $100 going into Final Jeopardy!

When the Final Jeopardy! category's Shakespeare, she praised the lord! But when it came to the answer, she was stumped. She bet $99, leaving with only $1. The champion won again! But Alex informs Thelma that she won second prize. She was surprised when Johnny Gilbert told her she won a trip for 4 to Hawaii! Alex asked who she'll take & since she couldn't take her favorite stars, she'll take her worthless family!

84 January 15, 1988 424 Hawaii Part 1 Mama and the family take the trip to Hawaii she won on Jeopardy! Even though Mama only won a trip for 4, Iola decides to sell her mother's fur coat to afford to travel with them.
85 January 25, 1988 425 Hawaii Part 2 The Hawaii vacation continues. Naomi is stuck in the room all day with a sunburn, Vint is out playing golf all day, Iola falls in love with a Norwegian sailor, Bubba falls for a pretty native, and Mama is being chased by a lovelorn beach bum who, unbeknownst to her, is a millionaire.