Season 2: 1983-1984Edit

22 episodes

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14 September 29, 1983 210 Flaming Forties Buzz and Sonja are the organizers of a dance to raise funds to build a new gym at the high school. They get an idea after finding some of Mama's old stuff from the attic and hearing her stories about the Gym, and the way it was used as the Raytown U.S.O during the War. They want to use Mama's stuff and have a 1940s theme for the dance. But the other member's of the committee decide they would rather have a Punk Rock theme instead and hire a hot new band called Medication.

Mama's disappointed and let's them take her stuff to be sold at the junk sale. Only after later talking to Fran does she realize how much the stuff really means to her. So her and Fran hurry to the gym to try and save her stuff from being sold. Only to find out the band got arrested (again) and won't be able to play after all. They need to save the dance, so she plays some of her records and everyone has a surprisingly good time.

15 October 13, 1983 203 The Return of Leonard Oates Naomi's second husband, Leonard Oates, comes back to town; he's now wealthy, and he wants Naomi to go away to Florida with him. She puts up a strong front, but is actually deeply conflicted about what she wants.

After Leonard shows up at the Harpers' house bearing gifts, Vint doesn't see anything suspicious about his actions; he simply thinks that Leonard is trying to make up for the way he used to be. Naomi then realizes that Vint would never run off and leave her the way Leonard did, so she makes up her mind to stay with Vint.

16 October 20, 1983 204 Country Club Ellen shows up and announces she's been given the "Woman of the Year" award at the Raytown Country Club that night. But what she doesn't know is Mayor Tutwiller has invited Mama and the family along as a surprise for Ellen.

In a side plot Vint thinks Mama's lost his bowling ball after she says she put it in a "safe place". As expected the family arrives at the country club and Ellen is mortified. They of course embarrass her with the way they act.

Finally after dinner, which Mama complains wasn't done. Mayor Tutwiller starts the ceremony by letting Mama say a few words. It turns out to be more than few as she basically brings the house down with comments.

17 October 27, 1983 209 Naomi and the Stork Naomi's ailing and all the signs point to her the Stork being on the way for her and Vint. A fact that Mama is the first to discover, after administering "Aunt Ida's Tater Masher Test". Naomi is hesitant to tell Vint, because he wanted to wait to start their family until they get their own place. Mama accidentally spills the beans to Buzz and Sonja, who think it's great. But Fran is worried how they can manage having another

person in the house.

Vint's surprisingly favorable reaction to the news, prompts a discussion as to were it will be sleeping. A screaming match results as no one wants to give up their room.

Naomi, wanting to make sure she is pregnant, makes an appointment. The doctor runs some tests and tells her to wait. One by one the family arrives at the doctor's office, First Mama and then Vint, followed by Buzz and Sonja, and lastly Fran. All have ideas on what they should do for the baby. Mama settles it by saying the baby's bunking with her. Unfortunately come to find out, it was a false alarm and Naomi isn't pregnant after all.

18 November 3, 1983 206 Rashomama The story starts in the hospital, and Vint comes into the scene with Naomi, Ellen, and Eunice standing in the middle of the lobby, looking worried. As he asks what happened, Naomi is the first one to tell him the story of what happened in the kitchen that day.

Mama and the girls were in the kitchen making gooseberry jam, and she was being the perfect daughter-in-law, Ellen was helping a little bit, and Eunice comes into the door late, claiming that her car broke down, and that she was almost run over out on route 5. Ellen said that she was out on route 5 getting the berries, and she didn't see her at all. However, Eunice thinks different. They pick a fight, and then the gooseberries start to stick to the pot. When Mama says: "Baby, Get that pot for me", they both run to the pot and start to argue for it. They tell Naomi to butt out, and then they fight for the pan. As they are swinging it around, they smack Mama in the face with it. She is out cold.

The next one to tell the story is Ellen. She says that Naomi gave Mama the sugar from dirty hotels, and that they were sugar packets. Eunice still gets almost run over, and she lets everyone know about it. Afterwards, when Mama says to get the pot, Ellen and Eunice fight about it, but then Naomi comes over, thinking it is a game, and then Ellen butts out. Eunice and Naomi smack Mama in the face this time.

The last one to tell this story is Eunice. She walks into the kitchen in a great mood, even though she was almost killed by a lady in a black Cadillac. It turned out to be Ellen, and she was telling her not to be so lucky the next time. Also, she was wearing a tiara, telling everyone that she is a queen. Naomi is a ditz in this one, and then her and Ellen smack Mama with the pot.

After they get back to the house, they are all eating the jam in the kitchen, and Mama asks for Vint to give her the pot. He tells her to catch it, and it ends up hitting her in the face again.

19 November 10, 1983 211 Obscene Call Mama finds Naomi at work being overly nice, and she explains to Mama she's trying to win the Food Circus Friendly Employee of the Month. Which she ends up doing in the end, and gets her picture posted on a poster in the front of the store.

Naomi soon arrive's home to celebrate and receives a very disturbing phone call. An obscene phone call. He calls back several times, even asking for Naomi by name when Vint answers the phone. Mama and Fran soon come to the conclusion that it's all Naomi's fault, for the way she dresses and walks. Not to mention her efforts at work to be voted Friendly Employee of the Month.

This all changes when Naomi leaves for work and the guy calls back. Not getting Naomi he talks the same way to Mama, then Fran and even Vint. They realize he'll talk to anyone that way and it's not Naomi's fault at all. So they all head down to Food Circus to apologize.

20 November 17, 1983 212 Ellen's Boyfriend Mama won't let anyone leave because Ellen (who recently divorced her husband Bruce) is on the way over for another one of her European slide shows. This being the 4th time in two weeks that she's been over, everyone is bored out of their minds, including Mama. But when Ellen shows up, she can't stay, seems she has a meeting with a new club she's joined called "Quitters and Losers". Meanwhile, Vint is involved in a key selling contest at work, where the winner gets a dinner for 4 at a very expensive restaurant.

Turns out Ellen is actually seeing a new boyfriend, who is a much younger man and he's invited her to the ShayRay for dinner. Only problem is, Vint won that contest at work and the prize is a dinner for 4 at ShayRay's. That's where they run into Ellen and the family finally meets her new boyfriend, Glen. After hearing one to many of Mama's rude comments Glen gets up to leave and wants Ellen to go with him, but Mama makes her stay.

Later at home, Ellen angrily confronts Mama over her childish actions at dinner. Mama though soon admits she was wrong and reveals that she was jealous of Ellen because she was moving on with her life by dating someone new, and Mama hasn't after the death of her husband. Ellen forgives her and leaves to find Glen.

21 December 1, 1983 208 Gert Rides Again Mama's cousin Gert (Imogene Coca) was once a sprited woman, but time in an old folks home has left her lifeless.
22 December 8, 1983 207 Amateur Night Mama, Fran and Naomi take Vint to the Bigger Jigger to try and cheer him up over not getting a promotion at Kwik Keys. Naomi then convinces Vint to do his Fred Astaire routine for the Jigger's talent show. She rushes home to get his costume and sheet music and arrives back to find him nervous and about to quit. But after some urging from Naomi he goes on and he's a smash hit and wins the contest, along with the $100 prize and is invited back for the Saturday night show

But Vint let's the little success go to his head. He first buys a new jump suit and changes his stage name to "Vinnie Vegas". Even going so far as to change his routine to something completely different. Mama and Fran (who he fired) refuse to go and after he tells Naomi to act like one of his groupies and not his wife, she stays home to. But Mama, Fran and Naomi soon realize how big a flop he's gonna be and they rush to the Bigger Jigger to stop him.

They arrive in time and Mama pulls him into the men's bathroom, which fills up quickly with people and Mama has everyone introduce themselves. Then has one of them watch the door while she talks to Vint. She tells him a sob story and convinces him if he goes on, he'll make an idiot out of himself. He agrees and decides not to go on, not that he could, because now there locked in the bathroom.

23 December 22, 1983 202 The Mama Who Came to Dinner Mama and Fran are putting green stamps into her books, when Vint and Naomi come in from an evening with their friends. They're complaining about not being able to invite anyone over. So Fran mentions having a party for their friends at the house. Mama agrees to cook the dinner and take Buzz and Sonja, along with Fran to the movies for the night, to leave Vint and Naomi alone.

Fran and Mama battle over what movie to see, E.T. is Mama's choice and they get ready to leave, when Mama bends over and her back starts spasming. The family has to help her to the floor as she can't move now. She tells Fran and the kids to go on ahead and she'll meet them if her back gets better. Vint and Naomi's friends arrive a minute later and the party begins.

Mama is the center of attention as everyone first listens to her story during dinner (which are served on Naomi's new dinner trays, she got with the Green stamps of Mama's). Then they end up feeding her and then Mama tells Mar'sue that Naomi said she was a snob and her husband was sponging off her family's wealth. After that little tidbit, the party wraps up after only an hour and 15 minutes.

24 January 7, 1984 215 Mama Learns to Drive Mama's wanting desperately to go to the mall and pick up this blue hat she wants. But no one will drive her, seems everyone has plans. Then Frannie suggests she learn how to drive and Mama refuses, saying she's to old to learn a new trick like that. After Mama leaves the family goes about planning who will teach her. It comes down to Vint, who decides to teach Mama about keys first since he's a lock smith. Next it's Buzz and Sonja's turn to help her learn the rules of the road. Which doesn't go any better than Vint's lesson.

Mama finally begs Fran into driving her to the mall, but Fran makes Mama drive instead, which again turns into a disaster as they get stuck in a traffic accident and Mama gets out and leaves. Ellen thinking she can teach her, takes Mama to the mall parking lot, (it's empty on Sundays). But Mama ends up crashing Ellen's car into the planter in the center of the lot.

Thinking she'll never learn to drive Mama gives up, until she gets a call from the store about the blue hat she wanted, they tell her if she doesn't want it they're gonna sell it, in 45 minutes no less. So Mama borrows Fran's car and drives to the mall, where she gets her hat. Making that trip she then heads on over to the DMV, to get her temporary drivers permit.

25 January 14, 1984 216 Black Belt Mama Naomi gets home from her self defense class all fired up and Fran and Sonja decide to go next time. But Mama refuses saying it's a waste of time and there's no need for it. Although she's scared to go to her bingo games anymore.

So Naomi, Sonja and Fran head to there karate class and Mama to her Bingo. But Mama never makes it to Bingo as she is mugged while waiting for the bus. She gets home still shaking and clutching her purse strap. And quickly decides she too will join the Karate class, where Naomi is the star pupil. And Sonja is falling in love with Chuck, the instructor. Mama finds it tough to fit in.

Days later, Mama returns to the same bus stop where she meets an elderly lady and begins telling her about the classes and how she was mugged. When the same mugger attacks again, but he turns his back to take the other woman's purse and Mama wacks him in the head with her purse which is loaded with a light weight Iron.

26 January 21, 1984 217 Mama Buys a Car Mama finally decides to buy herself a car after her meals on wheels job falls through because she can't find a ride. So she takes the thousand dollars she has saved and goes shopping for a car. She sees an ad in the newspaper for "Willie Potts Used Cars" and she and Vint both remember him, because he used to live just around the block. Mama also remembers that Willie used to love her oatmeal raisin cookies, so in hopes of getting a deal, she bakes him a bagful.

Arriving at the lot, Willie acts as though he doesn't remember them at all, but Mama manages to jog his memory. In searching the perfect car, Mama is looking for a blue one. Willie offers to paint any car on the lot blue, that isn't already blue, for Mama, but she refuses saying it had to be "born blue". She finally finds a blue one to her liking and, with the help of her oatmeal raisin cookies, talks Willie down from the initial price of $1500 dollars to her maximum price of $1000. Then she drives home and offers to take the whole family out for a spin. But the car makes it no further than the end of the block when its hubcaps come flying off and smoke billows from the hood. The car that she just bought from Willie Potts is a real "lemon"! So Mama and Vint return to Willie Potts Used Cars to get her money back, just as Willie is about to make his biggest sale yet: a whole fleet of his cars to Oscar Babcock, the head of Ray Corp, Inc. Unfortunately, Willie refuses to give Mama her money back and, anxious to get rid of her and Vint before Mr. Babcock comes to sign the purchase agreement, Willie curtly dismisses them both just as Babcock arrives. Outside, Mama is crestfallen and disappointed, but just then, Vint suddenly remembers Willie Potts as "Willie the Weasel", so-called because he was the biggest two-faced liar in the neighborhood.

So Mama marches right back in on the important purchase meeting. Mr. Babcock was just about to sign Willie's purchase contract when Mama stops him just in the nick of time ("DROP THAT BALLPOINT, BABCOCK!!") and tells him about Willie "The Weasel" Potts, the crooked, swindling used car salesman and about the lemon she'd just foolishly bought from him not too long ago, that's now "smoldering its way to lemon heaven". Hearing all this Oscar makes Willie give Mama a full refund before he'll sign the purchase agreement, which she specifies must be in cash. Willie grants Mama the full refund (and then some) but Oscar Babcock has changed his mind about buying the cars and walks out with her. And Mama, having gotten her money back and learned her lesson, vows next time to buy her car from a total stranger.

27 February 4, 1984 218 Supermarket After shopping at Food Circus for over 40 years, Thelma knows more about the store than it's manager. After hearing some of her "Old Fashioned horse sense," Mr. Palmer (the Manager) hires her for the store, as a customer consultant. Being her job to give people advice on what to buy. Her new post in the store is right next to the express lane, Naomi's counter.

It doesn't take long before Naomi starts to complain about having her mother-in-law so close, saying it's distracting her from her work. So, Mr. Palmer comes upon the idea that Mama should know everything about the running of the store, starting with Naomi teaching her how to be a checker.

Mama's first test turns into a fiasco, when she can't get the hang of ringing things up. After that, she gets her first customers (with Naomi as her bagger). It goes smoothly ar first, but things soon turn sour when Mama has to look up the price for a special and it takes her forever. After a continuing stream of more problems and the register going crazy, Mama decides to quit, mid-customer.

28 February 11, 1984 219 No Room at the Inn It's Vint and Naomi's first wedding anniversary and Vint prepares by reserving two days and one night at a kinky hotel out of town. Meanwhile, Buzz and Sonja want to have a slumber party for girls and boys, but Mama refuses saying it'll be girls only. Shortly before Vint and Naomi leave for their honeymoon, Aunt Effie calls to say she's fallen and can't get up, and asks Thelma to come out and help. Mama hitches a ride with the honeymooner's and puts Fran in charge of the slumber party.

Later as they are finally alone at the motel, Naomi is dressed as a Matadorette and Vint is dressed as a bull. Suddenly there's a knock at the door and it's Mama saying Effie wasn't hurt and all she wanted was someone to do her bidding, so she left and hitched a ride with a trucker to the hotel. Since she has no way home and there's no available rooms at the motel she has to stay with them.

Not being able to sleep Mama on either the role away bed or the water bed. Mama decides to watch TV for a while, she soon discovers it's a porno and forces them to bring her home, where they find a house completely full of teenage girls. Sonja informs that she invited a friend who in turn invited the pep squad.

29 February 18, 1984 220 Mama for Mayor Part 1 Ellen talks Mama into having Mayor Tutwiller's Re-Election press conference at the house. As the Mayor starts his speech starts going on about how the senior citizens are being treated in Raytown. The Mayor hears enough and he gets into a shouting match with Mama, and then challenges her to run herself.

Mama's story makes the local TV news, as they appear the next morning outside her house. She has a few unkind things to say about the mayor, before Ellen arrives and says she's not running. But eventually Mama decides to run against Mayor Tutwiller.

Mayor challenges Mama to a face-to-face debate on KRAY-TV. Hoping to squash her chances of winning by making her look unprepared, Ellen shows Mama up by forcing him to fake an important phone call and leave suddenly.

On Election night, Mama and the whole family gather round the TV to see the results. She trails early on, as the night wears on and one by one they all fall asleep. In the end Mama ends up falling asleep as they announce she won.

30 February 25, 1984 221 Mama for Mayor Part 2 Mama and the whole family attend the Inauguration ceremony as the Mayor prepares to swear Mama in as the New Mayor of Raytown. Vint interrupts things by trying in vain to take a picture several times. Thus upsetting the Mayor and he leaves.

Mama takes over as Mayor and it soon becomes clear she is unprepared for the job. Her first council meeting turns into a free for all, with Mama unable to make a decision or knowing exactly what's she's supposed to do. Soon enough the whole town is in an uproar. There's a garbage strike and a transit walkout after Thelma suggested they drop all senior citizens off at there doors. Plus the Boy Scouts are mad at her too and others are calling for her resignation.

Ellen hears about the mess on the radio and her and Mayor Tutwiller come to the rescue. He sends a pound of chocolate to the Boy Scouts and settles the garbage and transit strikes. Mama realizes she doesn't have what it takes to be Mayor so she soon resigns her post, telling the council she has pressing family matters and is turning her job back over to Mayor Tutwiller.

31 March 10, 1984 213 Harper vs. Harper Naomi tries to fix breakfast for her family but Mama dumps it out, with Naomi complaining about never being able to do anything for her husband and step-kids, saying Mama is always cleaning and cooking and won't let her do anything.

Mama's vacuum cleaner then breaks and Vint says she can borrow Naomi's brand new one. The one Vint bought her for a wedding present. Naomi comes in while Mama's using it. She starts complaining about nothing being hers. Just then the vacuum starts smoking and burns a hole in the carpet. As it turns out Mama ran over one of Naomi's key chains. They start fighting and agree to go to court over it.

Small claims court Judge W.E. Packard oversees the case, which ends up in a free-for-all as Mama and Naomi both call witnesses including Vint being called twice (once by each). In the end, the Judge finds Mama and Naomi in contempt of court and fines them $100 each and also orders them to pay their own damages.

32 March 17, 1984 214 Mama's Birthday It's Mama's birthday and she doesn't want no fuss. No cake, no party, and no presents. She only wants one thing, everyone to help clean out the attic. She thinks they could get it done in a couple of hours if everyone pitched in. But Vint, Sonja, Ellen, and Naomi all come up with some silly excuses to get out of it. Buzz is the only one who can't think of one so he agrees.

While they're cleaning, Buzz asks Mama to tell him about her 30th birthday party. In a flashback, we see Mama and the kids as she's getting ready for her party and thinking Carl is going to get a big promotion at work she orders a 19 cubic foot deep freeze. Then Grandma Crowley calls to say she can't make Thelma's birthday cake.

Carl comes in and announces he didn't get the promotion, right as they deliver the deep freeze. Thelma has to use a fruitcake as her cake, topped by Vint's present of a paper heart.

Thelma soon finds out that Carl didn't the promotion as Burt Wembley stops by to thank Carl for turning it down. He brings him a box of cigars to thank him. After that, Thelma goes into the bathroom and throws the cigars one by one at Carl.

Buzz and Mama finish in the attic, just in time to walk into her surprise birthday party. She finally got that deep freeze she wanted, only 30 years later.

Later that night, Thelma walks back downstairs, and knows that she really got the freezer, and that it wasn't just a dream. So, she pulls up the piano bench to the bathroom door and has a heart to heart with Carl. After that, at the end of the show, the toilet flushes suddenly, and we know that Carl has wished her a happy birthday.

33 March 24, 1984 222 Mama Cries Uncle Carl's long lost brother, Roy Harper, shows up out of nowhere on Carl's birthday. Not knowing that his brother has been dead for 11 long years. Vint, against Mama's wishes, asks Uncle Roy to stay with them for a while.

Meanwhile Sonja has entered a beauty pageant and Noami, Ellen and Mama help her get ready. That's where Uncle Roy tells her the story of when he saw Princess Grace at the White House and how beautiful she was and how she has the same smile. He also encourages Vint to chase his dream of being a firemen, even going so far as to get him an application for the Raytown Fire Department.

Lastly, Roy is telling Thelma how her elbows remind him of Dorothy Lamure's and that that's what first attracted Carl to him and how he wishes he had seen her first. They hug but he leaves before anything really happens. Leaving his cooler, which means he'll be back, Thelma hopes.

34 March 31, 1984 205 Ask Aunt Fran Fran gets a fill-in job as an advice columnist, when she asks Mama for an answer to a question and Mama does what she does best, tells people what to do and Fran uses it. Soon Fran's editor takes notice of her popularity and Buzz advice's Mama that she should be getting some of the money Fran is now earning. But Fran refuses saying she plans to slowly stop using Mama's "Home-Spun" advice as she adds some psychological insights in her latest article.

Fran's got a date that night with her editor, Dwight Nettles, who loves the advice Fran's been giving but can't understand why Fran included all the psychological babble (which he edited out) in her latest article. He also has a problem he needs some advice on and that's why he wanted to see her tonight. Seems "his friend" has just hired a new woman at work and has the hots for her, even though he's married, he wants to know what to do.

Fran sneaks away from the table and calls Mama from the pay phone to beg her advice. Mama recognizes right away Mr. Nettles is referring to himself and Fran. She then makes Fran agree to give her 50% of the money she's earning before giving her any advice. Mama's advice to Fran is to tell him to take a few more meals at home and he wouldn't need to eat out. Fran does and quits her job on top of that.

35 April 7, 1984 201 A Grave Mistake Mama can't get anyone to go with her to Carl's grave, so she goes by herself. After arriving and having a long talk with Carl, Mama notices that the grave next to Carl's, that was supposed to be reserved for her, has another woman's name on it instead. She panics and rushes home.

Ellen arrives an hour late (as usual) to take Mama to the cemetery, just as Mama comes in and tells everyone what she's just discovered. Ellen and Mama soon head back to the cemetery to get the problem cleared up. It turns out Carl's head stone was accidentally placed two plots down. So Mama feels like she's been cheating on Carl and says Carl has to send her a gift to let her know it's OK.

Meanwhile, Sonja goes out with a loser named Michael and he ends up flirting with a sophomore cheerleader who likes him and Sonya dumps him. He then shows up with flowers and after Sonja refuses to talk to him, he gives the flowers to Mama, who takes it as Carl's sign that everything's OK.