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Reverend Lloyd Meechum is a fictional character on the American sitcom, Mama's Family. He was played by Earl Boen.

Henpecked reverendEdit

Lloyd Meechum is the reverend of the church (unnamed) that Thelma Harper and her family attends. He is married to the often overbearing Alberta Meechum and has a grandson named Eugene. Reverend Meechum, in fact, married Vinton Harper and Naomi Harper and officiated Fran Crowley's funeral.

In fact, it was an incident with little Eugene that warranted him the most time on the show. During one Sunday in church, Eugene carved initials into the pews; and ran up and down, screaming and throwing paper airplanes at the choir. While the Harpers behavior wasn't sterling; Mrs. Meechum was sitting there with a smile which butter wouldn't melt, to coin the sarcastic phrase of Iola Boylen Then, while the Meechums were visiting the shut-ins, the Harpers were saddled with Eugene.

To say that he was a holy terror would be a grievous understatement. He doctored Thelma's stew with a bottle of hot sauce; locked Vinton and his nephew, Bubba Higgins in the garage; and tormented Naomi, Thelma and Iola. There was no respite for the Harpers, since Lloyd was injured in the hospital.

Eugene was still a terror. He tied up Thelma, and it took Lloyd and Alberta to untie the thoroughly livid Thelma. While she held Eugene down, Lloyd spanked him, for kicking his sore leg. The milquetoast finally grew a spine.