Naomi isn't feeling well, and hasn't been for a while. She tells Mama her symptoms, and Mama realizes she has felt the same way before. She has Naomi take "Aunt Ida's Tater Masher Test," and after Naomi passes it, Mama says it means she is pregnant. Naomi is very nervous about this and is afraid to tell Vint. That night at dinner, Naomi is sick and runs downstairs after Vint says they'll be living at Mama's for five more years. While Vint is away, Mama tells Fran, Buzz, and Sonja that Naomi is pregnant. This angers Fran, and she almost spills the beans to Vint. Mama tells Vint to go talk to Naomi. Naomi asks him if he is ready for a baby, and he freaks out, but when Naomi says she is already pregnant, Vint is ecstatic. Afterwards, they say they don't want the baby to live in the basement, and the family starts fighting because none of them want to give up their rooms. The next day, the whole family heads to the obstetrician's office to offer their rooms. After a fight, the doctor tells Naomi her test results are in, and the family comes home disappointed because it turns out Naomi isn't pregnant.