After learning Aunt Effie got a job, Mama is upset because she has nothing productive to do with her life, so Naomi suggests she get a job. Mama goes to an employment agency, and after freaking out on an entry test, she has her interview. Though Mama doesn't have experience or an education, she lands a job at the Raytown Travel Agency as a receptionist. She starts on Saturday, but has trouble her first day. She can't figure out how to answer the phone because she didn't know which button to press, and when she gets her first customers, the Brennans, the family ruins it for her. They keep calling with problems they want Mama to solve: Buzz can't find his sneakers, Vint needs his shirt ironed, and Naomi can't put her makeup on because Sonja locked herself in the bathroom. Mama can't take it anymore and becomes rude with everyone, including the Brennans. She is fired because of how she is acting, which she blames on her family. Mama gets home, solves all the family's problems in a few minutes, and tells Vint that it is their fault she got fired.