Fran and Vint both have big nights, which they are nervous about. Vint, who has a bowling tournament, wants Mama to wash and iron his shirt and have dinner ready early. And Fran, who has an awards banquet that night, asks Mama to iron the dress she plans to wear. Ellen comes by to pick Mama up and has to remind her of an appointment she has. Mama isn't paying attention to what she is doing, and because she is in a rush to get to her hair appointment, she accidentally burns a hole in Fran's dress. Mama and Ellen rush to Neidermeyer's, hoping they can find the exact same dress. They come home with one they were promised was the same, but it turns out it is different. Fran gets home early and tries on the dress. Vint gets home, learns Mama didn't wash his shirt or make dinner, and storms out. Fran comes downstairs in the dress and asks why it is different. Mama reveals what happened. Fran freaks out about the dress and other things Mama has messed up. Mama breaks down and starts worrying that she is losing it. Fran tells her not to worry and decides to wear another dress.