Vint and Naomi are cleaning out some of Mama's old things from the attic for the high school rummage sale. But Mama does not want her stuff given away. When everyone leaves, she looks through all the old clothes from the 1940s. Buzz and Sonja come in and see all the vintage clothes. They love them and think they'd be perfect for the school dance because they want its theme to be the1940s. Mama gets excited for the idea, but when Buzz and Sonja return a little later, they tell her that their proposal was turned down and the dance will have a punk theme instead. Mama is disappointed by this and tells the family to just get rid of her 1940s things. When the dance comes, Mama regrets giving her things away and heads to the school to get them back. But trouble starts when the band can't show up, so Buzz and Sonja get Mama to help out with her old records and to tell everyone about the 1940s. Mama does so and ends up saving the dance.