Vint is in shambles because his bowling ball is missing, and Vint, Naomi, and Mama are searching for it. Ellen comes over to announce that she was named Raytown's Woman of the Year. The family isn't very impressed by Ellen's news. But Ellen has another reason for her visit too. She wants to borrow Mama's Mother's diamond broach, and Mama lets her. Vint and Naomi are upset that Mama gives Ellen whatever she wants when she already is rich and belongs to the Raytown Country Club. Mama isn't impressed by the Country Club because she got an invite to join. Vint and Naomi see the letter and discover it is an invite to the Women of the Year Banquet. They decide to go. At the Banquet, Ellen is having a delightful time, until her family arrives. They embarrass her, first by ordering beer, then by taking an entire plate of hors d'oeuvres, then by dancing, and then by complaining about dinner and wanting another dessert. After the dinner, Mayor Tutwiller, starts the ceremony and has Mama say a few words about Ellen. Mama does some stand up and tells an embarrassing story about Ellen as a child. Mama, Naomi, and Vint get home and reflect on the enjoyable night.