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Bubba Higgins is a fictional character on the series "Mama's Family". He was portrayed by Allan Kayser.

Bubba is portrayed as a rebellious, hormonal teenage boy. Unlike his cousin Buzz Harper, Bubba is impatient and can be short tempered at times. He makes his debut in the episode "Farewell Frannie" where it's revealed that he was released from Juvenile Hall and sent to live with his grandmother. At first he is upset to learn that his parents Eunice and Ed Higgins moved to Florida and started ranting and raving like his mother used to. He decides that he doesn't need Mama or the rest of the Harper clan. Mama then tells him that he either lives with her or she can send him back to Juvenile Hall. Bubba then decides to stay with Mama. He almost gets off to a bad start when Mama decides to give him Fran's old room, which Vint and Naomi had been eyeing after Fran's untimely passing.

Bubba at one point stood up to Mama and as a result she told him he'd follow her rules or else she'd tan his hide. After this incident Bubba occasionally flies off the handle but Mama's threats don't seem to have any effect. Bubba is also naive seeing as he wanted to enlist in the military but was unaware of his criminal record.

Throughout the third season Bubba is constantly making bad decisions and it takes Mama to remind him that doing so will violate his probation. Bubba eventually completes his probation period and later graduates high school and goes to junior college.

In "Sins of a Mother" Bubba almost ruins the relationship he has with his grandmother when he comes home drunk. He doesn't understand why Mama is so angry, but upon hearing Iola tell the story of how his mother was drunk during a performance with Mama. The two were supposed to sing a song about mothers and they end up getting into an embarrassing argument.

He later learns that it hurt Mama to see Eunice drunk and he too hurt her when he came home drunk. He then tearfully apologizes to Mama saying that she's the last person he would want to hurt. Bubba later joins a fraternity called Sigma Alpha Pi, much to Mama's dismay.

By the end of the series Bubba is a smart adult currently attending junior college.

Bubba's outfit consists of a green shirt, tight jeans with suspenders and sneakers.