Claude has come up with another hair-brained scheme and tells Vint that he could make nearly two thousand dollars by marrying a woman who needs her green card. Vint agrees to do this and no plans on revealing this to the family. But they find out because the woman, Zenada, comes over. The IRS needs to know this is a real marriage, so it will look less suspicious if Zenada is living with Vint. Mama is not for this. As Mama is bringing in laundry, Naomi comes over to complain about the sap dripping from Mama's tree, and Mama tells her what Vint is doing. Naomi tells her how it is illegal and he could get arrested if the false marriage was discovered. Claude stops by with Zenada and some of her things, and Mama tells Vint how if discovered, he could be in serious trouble. Vint decides not to go through with it, and tells Claude and Mr. Costa, Zenada's brother, decide to find someone else for the job.